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The Tacky Pad is the easiest to apply your SWEET STAMP letters. 

The Tacky Pad is a chemical free suction device. It easily holds onto your letters with suction only. Spell out your word, press the spongey part of the pad on to the letters firmly, your letters will be held in place and ready to emboss.

When applying to the side of your cake make sure you fondant is still soft, using the counter to balance the pad pivot the pad around the cake. Apply an even pressure while moving pad.

When storing your pad please use the protective film, if you get oil, dust or fingerprints on your pad you can wash it gently with warm soapy water. For a stronger grip just dab a wet cloth on your pad, let dry briefly and continue to use, similar to adding moisture to a window suction cup. 

The Tacky Pad can last a long time once taken care of but eventually will need to be replaced.

 4"x 8"